Shortly after buying this house I was painting the living room. It was January, about 50 degrees inside the house due to the single-pane aluminum frame windows installed sometime in the 1980’s, and I was beginning to wonder when it was that I lost my sanity and took on this project.

In the background I was playing the classic 80’s movie, “Revenge of the Nerds” (ok, yeah, I’m a movie geek.) There is a scene where the nerds have found a house to live in. The house is a total wreck, and they have to put some major work into it to make it better. The scene is linked below, and describes our own little project just about perfectly. Hence, the domain name for this website was chosen.

As we continue working on the house I still doubt my sanity now and again, but most of the time this place is still “a house full of magic” for us. By the way, the look that Lewis gets when he tells them, “Isn’t it fantastic?” That’s a look my wife and I have become VERY familiar with. When seeing the house for the first time we got that same look from our parents, kids, friends, our neighbors, the dog, etc. Enjoy.

“Open your eyes
Prepare for surprise.”

Here are some pictures of the house as it was when we first bought it. The house was empty for about 5 years before we got it, so it was a little rough, but as my wife and I walked through it we saw nothing but potential in the house.

“But there’s work to be done now.
Work to be done.”

Just some pictures of the messiest, most strenuous, or strangest work we have done.

“It’s coming to life
Little by little.”

Between the work we are doing and the people that live, love, and play here, this house is coming alive again.